Thursday, February 15, 2007

Relocation Astrology

Finding Your Perfect Place

Have you ever wondered about where you would be happiest living, or where you might meet the partner of your dreams? The astrology of relocation can actually help you to find your ideal home and relationship. Moving to a new location can assist you in making the changes in your life that you have always dreamed about. It's a great way to let go of old patterns of living and to create fulfilling new ones.

The relocation branch of astrology seeks to find the best place for a person to express all of his potentials and to find personnal happiness - love, friendship, romance, health, career success, etc. When an astrologer relocates a chart, the astrologer is attempting to find a location where the client can have a fulfilling home life, personnal life, and professional life - or meet a partner. It can be challenging to find one place that fits all of these categories. Relocation isn't always used for moves. Sometimes the astrologer is simply looking for fulfilling places for a person to travel, or for the places that are most supportive for one's business.

Relocation Astrology show where your planetary lines run through the United States and throughout the World ( the locations where your natal planets would fall on the angles).
They help you to understand what parts of yourself (as indicated by the planetary lines) are being triggered in different places.

For example, if you are living on your Venus line, your desire to love, relate, and create would be enhanced and amplified by living there. You would find your primary values supported in this location. Venus lines are considered to be the most positive places for finding a partner. You would need to transform unresolved issues around relationship, partnership, and self-worth in order for your relationship to thrive.

If you are living on a Mercury line, you would have a greater desire to write, communicate, and learn new things. Unresolved issues related to the way you communicate will come up to be healed. You would be challenged to look at the entire area of communication and to learn to communicate in a clear, open, and honest way in order to relate more effectively.

Each planetary line brings both the gifts and the negative tendencies of a particular planet. The amount of stress you would experience in a particular location would have something to do with the way in which the planetary line that you are living under is aspected in your birth-chart. If you choose not to live under any planetary line, then the energy of your birth-chart would operate in a less biased and more natural way. Living under the line of a particular planet makes the energy of that planet uppermost in your consciousness.

The astrology of relocation
can give you a much clearer sense of what parts of yourself will be brought out and accentuated in a particular place. This information can assist you in making wise choices about where you would like to live. It can give you more control over which areas of your life will be brought forwaed in your experience and information about some of the key issues that are likely to surface in a particular location. It also reveals which of your personal gifts will be brought forth in a particular area.

Getting your astrological chart relocated can be a very enjoyable and informative experience.
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